What is Goals UAE?

Goals UAE is a volunteer based, community program, which provides extra curricular activities to children with autism. Goals UAE partners with established sports and arts programs and helps to make these programs autism friendly by working with coaches and teachers, providing volunteer buddies for children and providing support materials such as social stories for parents to use at home to prepare he/she for the new activity.

Where are your programs located?

Goals UAE provides activities throughout Abu Dhabi. Locations for individual programs can be found on the activities page.

Is transportation available?

Transportation is not available for any of our activities. Goals UAE is a community run non- profit organization and unable to provide buses for children and their caregivers.

Do you have programs in Arabic?

At this time all of our programs are run in English. However we have Arabic speaking volunteers at every session to assist Arabic speaking children. We also provide an Arabic social story for each activity which can be found on the resource page of this website.

My child does not talk or communicate well. Can he/she still participate?

Goals UAE is an inclusive program for all children with autism. During the first session we will have a brief intake with the child’s parent or caregiver to help learn what ways he/she does use to communicate in order to best help he/she participate fully in the activity. We provide several different visual social stories on our website. Other visual aids are also available during each session, which volunteers can use to help engage with your child. We want your child to come, participate and have fun. It is not necessary that they are able to communicate verbally or with signs.

My child has never participated in sports and he/she is not very skilled. Can he/she participate in sports programs?

Goals UAE is an inclusive program for all children with autism. Volunteers are available to provide 1:1 support for children during activities. If your child requires physical help holding a ball or repeating a movement, volunteers are able to support him/her in this. Please take a look at our gallery page and you will see examples of children being physically supported during our sports programs.

How Can I volunteer to help Goals UAE?

Goals UAE is a community program that aims to involve children with autism within Abu Dhabi society. We welcome all types of volunteers. Presently we offer football and music programs for which we always need volunteers to act as ‘buddies’ for our kids. Check out our volunteer page for more information and to sign up.