Linda Bailey

Hi! My name is Linda Bailey and I come from Knoxville, Tennessee. I’ve been living in Abu Dhabi since August 2009, working for the New England Center for Children – Abu Dhabi. I graduated from the Northeastern University Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis program in the summer of 2011.

I began my career working with individuals with Autism very accidentally. I was pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology when I needed extra internship hours my senior year in college. I saw an opening for an Early Intervention preschool classroom and thought, “Hey, I like kids. Why not?”. This was my first experience working with children with autism and I fell in love. This internship led to a job working in a home-based program the following year (as I took time off from school after undergrad) and then led to finding a job in snowy Boston with the New England Center for Children! Luckily I soon moved to a warmer climate and have been here ever since.

While not a naturally athletic person, per se, I have always enjoyed spending time outdoors. When I first learned about Goals UAE I was super excited to help out! Not only would I be able to work with a variety of children (who don’t attend NECC-AD), but I would be able to help disseminate Autism Awareness in Abu Dhabi! I love being able to take my work-cap off and run around, have fun, and do a little part in helping out a fantastic organization and a group of amazing kids.